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Abiyah Israel

Former Police Officer and Sheriff Deputy

The goal is simplicity. In no time at all I will train you to know what it takes so you are not unfairly treated by the police ever again. Come learn the basic rights that police never wanted you to know. Watch our FREE video and also receive our FREE eBook. Learn what to do when police try and search you or your property illegally, or violate any of your constitutional rights. Learning your basic rights is a easy process. The only thing it takes is for you to be willing to learn.

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You Don't Know If Your Rights Have Been Infringed Upon If You Don't Know Them!


1. Do You Know why I pulled you over?

2. Where are you coming from?

3. Can I search your vehicle?

Advised the officer that you wish to invoke your 5th Amendment rights and not answer questions. Always keep a positive attitude and ask him or her the following questions.


1. What is your name and badge number? 

2. What is the reason for the seizure?

3. Am I detained or am I free to go?


Although the law does not require you to answer questions asked by police, they are required to answer your questions.

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Hi my name is Abiyah Israel a former police officer and sheriff deputy and now podcaster and Basic Rights Coach. If you want to learn your rights and learn how to beat the police who practice unethical police tactics watch my FREE video giving you details on how to interact with police. 

What People are Saying

"Thank you Abiyah I took your course and it's amazing. It made learning my rights easy!" 

This was a very informative course. It's a course that everyone should take.

Joan Marks

Anthony Richardson

"Amazing job Mr. Israel thank you for using what you learned as an officer to teach the people."

Jennifer Scott

" The Secret of Taking Control of Your Constitutional Rights Back From Tyrants Who Abuse the Law"

You never know when you will need the info
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